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Selling Tips

  1. Curb Appeal — a neat tidy front lawn is important.  Cut the grass, & trim the shrubs.
  2. Plant extra flowers with lots of color
  3. Spruce up your landscaping with fresh mulch
  4. Remove all dead limbs and debris from yard
  5. Arrange all outdoor items neatly
  6. Clean, paint or stain the front door & porch for a fresh look
  7. Check to see if the garage or back doors need any work; freshly painted doors & trim look best.
  8. Replace faded house numbers if applicable w/ new shiny ones; this also includes faded or worn numbers on mailbox
  9. Repaint if needed worn gutters; at least clean all gutters
  10. Replace any screens that are missing or damaged
  11. Make sure that entry lights on porch and house work properly and have fresh bulbs.
  12. Make sure the doorbell works
  13. Clean out garage and other storage areas including all closets
  14. Move out excess furniture so it feels spacious
  15. You can really brighten things up with a fresh coat of paint in very neutral colors
  16. If blinds are damaged replace them with inexpensive ones.
  17. Wash all windows & mirrors
  18. Have carpets cleaned
  19. Have any drapes dry cleaned
  20. Clear all small appliances, dish racks, and other items off kitchen counters
  21. Clear off pictures and magnets from refrigerator.
  22. Put a plant or fresh flowers on kitchen counter
  23. If shower curtains are worn; purchase new ones w/ rugs; you can always take them when you move; it just freshens up the rooms
  24. Change filters in the HVAC
  25. Caulk any areas in kitchen & baths that need it


Showing Tips

  1. Don’t be home during a showing; leave at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled showing.  If you arrive back home & potential buyers are still there– drive around!
  2. Make your home as easy as possible to show!  Do your best to always allow showings; this could be your buyer!
  3. Give your home a welcoming aroma; bake cookies when time allows prior to showing.  Don’t use candles; people think you are trying to cover up something.
  4. Turn off the T.V. and radio as it distracts the buyers.
  5. Turn on at least one light in each room.  Play with lighting prior to any showings to see what illuminates the home the best.
  6. Turn on front porch light, even in the daytime.
  7. Put out your best towels & fresh soap for baths & kitchen prior to showings.
  8. Don’t show your home to people who stop by.  Take their name & number and tell them you will have your REALTOR contact them. Doing otherwise could lead to a dangerous situation, take it seriously!
  9. Keep your home ready to be shown and be prepared. There is a chance that a Realtor will have a client in the area and didn’t pull your home up on the MLS, but now the buyer wants to see it. Let them show even if you think it is a mess!
  10. Price your home right the first time!  MLS studies show that homes sell in the first 30 – 60 days on the market when priced correctly!  If the home doesn’t have any showings within the first 2 weeks of being on market, it may be necessary to lower the price.